Mineral Cosmetics

About Nature's Boundaries Mineral Cosmetics: -All products are made without synthetic colorings or preservatives. -Products' color comes from highly refined natural mineral pigments- all heavy metals are filtered out. -Products are hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic. -Products do not contain nano-sized particles. -Base products are formulated without skin irritants,yet are high performing. (Some products do contain mica,but it is clearly indicated). -Products are cruelty free. -Products are made with pure, ethical silk powder. -Silk has natural moisture regulating properties. When the skin is dry, silk is a natural moisturizer as it releases moisture. If the skin has excess oil, silk powder is able to absorb the excess sebum. -Silk is very suitable for sensitive skin. Almost all mineral makeup brands contain high amounts of ingredients that are known to be irritating to the skin. These ingredients such as mica are not suitable for those with sensitive and/or acne prone skin. Nature's Boundaries Silken Splendor cosmetics use a high percentage of pure silk powder which is known to be gentle and soothing to sensitive skin. -Silk contains numerous amino acids and trace elements that are essential for healthy skin. These silk amino acids are nearly the same as those found in skin proteins. It is rich in alanine, glycine and serine. These are essential building blocks from which the protein in the skin is created naturally by the body. With continued use of silk powder, these amino acids lead to visibly healthier skin. -Silk contains anti-inflammatory properties. Silk helps to reduce puffiness and calm irritated skin. It has been widely used in Chinese medicine to treat damaged/ inflamed skin. It has also been used as a treatment for sun and wind burns. -Silk has natural sunscreen properties. The natural crystalline structure of the silk powder has the ability to naturally reflect UV rays. This is the same property that protected the silkworm while inside the cocoon. -Silk has natural anti-bacterial properties. This is useful for acne-prone skin and helps to keep the product fresh.