Lavender Lemon Mini-Cake


Lavender Lemon Mini-Cake is scented with lavender and organic lemon essential oils which blends to a soft, yummy, fresh scent that is a perfect addition to any bathroom! It is beautifully decorated with real lavender buds and lemon peel. It comes packaged in an eco-friendly bakery box (biodegradeable plastic and eco-friendly cardboard) with wood fiber filling to nestle the mini-cake in place.

Each mini-cake weight will vary but is approx. 6 oz



Use as you would any soap product for external use only.  You can set the soap slice out on a soap dish as a fragrant additon next to a sink.

(It is recommended to remove the lavender flowers before using the soap. For easier use cut soap into quarters before using.)  

Ingredients: Organic saponified oils of coconut, palm, palm kernel, olive, sunflower, shea nut butter, and castor, organic beeswax, natural mineral pigment, lavender essential oil, organic lemon essential oil, lavender flowers, organic lemon peel, rosemary extract

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